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About Us

Craft Beer Brewers is simply a team of over the top crazy beer enthusiasts that love to share insights about all things beer. We started off as a group of rambunctious college students taste testing every beer we could get our hands on. As the years progressed, and we went further down the rabbit hole, we began perfecting the art of brewing craft beer so that we could one day share our knowledge with the world.

Limited Time Offer

50% off all PREMIUM craft beer with an order over of 6 or more! Grab yourself a few cases and get the party started.

Limited Edition Beers

It’s that time of the year again. Grab the Belgian Red and Olaf Red Ale before they go back into hiding. Who knows when they’ll be back. Don’t forget to check out our limited time offers so you can stock up!

What Craft enthusiasts are saying

The Belgian Red caught me off guard in an unexpected way. Thought it was just another run of the mill red on the market. Now I have more in my fridge than I know what to do with.
Mark Ferrigan
Asheville, NC
Hands down the OLAf red is next level. I prefer it to the Belgian red but would happily throw back a case of either haha
Albert Lacefield
Humboldt, CA

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