About Us

Our Story

Craft Beer Brewers is simply a team of over the top crazy beer enthusiasts that love to share insights about all things beer. We started off as a group of rambunctious college students taste testing every beer we could get our hands. As the years progressed, and we went further down the rabbit hole, we began perfecting the art of brewing craft beer so that we could one day share our knowledge with the world.


At Craft Beer Brewers, our team aims to help and educate all walks of life in the art of craft beer. Whether that’s the brewing process, or simply recommending our favorite beers, we just love talking about craft beer!


Giving back to the craft beer community is our #1 priority. Something about craft beer, ands its ability to bring people together, drives us to share our knowledge with as many people as possible. We value comradery and good times above all else, and hope that one day we inspire feature brew masters.

We live for craft beer